About Us

Grand Eye System strives to have the best security camera and video surveillance system knowledge and online help in the world. The following information is provided to help home and business owners understand more about surveillance systems and CCTV equipment so that they can be successful with their installation and so they can make informed decisions about which products best suit their needs. There is a lot of information to consider when purchasing surveillance equipment. Setup and installation can be difficult if you are not well instructed. The Grandeye Team hopes that you find the following frequently asked questions and surveillance system setup guides informative.

Security is something that is of utmost priority in anyone’s life. Everybody wants their families, workplaces and themselves to be safe. We understand your priorities. Therefore, we are committed to delivering the best and class security solutions for you to equip your homes and workplaces with.

We've armed thousands of homeowners and businesses with dynamic wireless and high-definition surveillance system technology. Not only do we enjoy their praises every day. Real safety and security in a budget amount.

Our Clients :


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We are the proud providers of security systems to prestigious organization from Governments, Police, Military, Banks, Industries, Private Sectors, and Retail outlets, etc. We are keen to be associated with your esteemed organization, residences, and workplaces and are confident that we can provide you with the highest level of service and meet all your requirements for security systems and services.

Conclusion :

We understand the security is not limited to the assets but expands to brand, efforts, and other properties that are essential for business continuity. The safety and protection of the families we leave at homes while we are out to work is also critical. To ensure all round protection of your family and business, GrandEye provides you timely response, user-friendly equipment, prompt and superior technical support, warranty and support plans for your ease.