Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is designed to inform you of our reasons for installing CCTV cameras and where personal information has been collected, your rights in relation to that information.

Privacy Policy Overview

This privacy notice will set out;

  • what information is being collected;
  • the purpose of the information’s collection;
  • whether we intend to pass this on to others, and who they may be;
  • our address for contact.

What information is being collected?

We have placed CCTV cameras up at some of our complexes to monitor the common areas for security and safety purposes. These cameras may from time to time record footage of you, your family and friends as you pass through the CCTV camera area. We consider this footage to be your personal information so we will be ensuring that it is managed as set out in this privacy policy

What is the purpose of the information collection?

GrandEye is taking steps to ensure the safety and security for our tenants, as well as making sure that our properties are prevented from damage in any way. We view CCTV cameras as a means to carry out these steps with minimal imposition on our tenants.

It is also paramount that our staff are safe and secure when visiting complexes. The CCTV cameras are a way to help achieve that objective. We may use this footage when conducting internal investigations relating to staff or tenant complaints.

Will we be passing this information on to other parties? Who will they be?

In the event of some unlawful activity being carried out at the premises, and it being recorded on our CCTV cameras, we may pass that footage over to Police for the purpose of an investigation. Likewise if the Police believe some unlawful activity was carried out at the complex then they may view or ask us to hand over, any footage that may help.

How do you get in contact with us?

If you have any queries about this privacy policy you can contact on +073391 37333